Clear, concise, and grammatically correct writing is still one of the most effective tools a community supervision professional has, regardless of how advanced our technology. Having helped improve probation, parole, and pretrial services writing across the country for years, Writing for Clarity is now available at you own desk, at your own pace.

I'm Danny Kuhn, here to help community supervision professionals with your writing.

As a retired Deputy Chief United States Probation Officer and writer, I have traveled the country to help improve the writing standard in Probation, Parole, Pretrial Services, and other community supervision offices for more than a decade. Now, our Writing for Clarity program, which has been presented to thousands over the years, is available online. Welcome! PLEASE NOTE: Writing for Clarity is copyrighted material. Enrolling for this course entitles one student to participate. Sharing downloads or other materials is prohibited, unless otherwise directed within the course as part of an exercise.

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Writing for Clarity

The definitive writing class specifically for Probation, Pretrial Services, Parole, and Community Supervision Staff

Developed by Deputy Chief U. S. Probation Officer Danny Kuhn for everyday use by Probation/Pretrial/Parole staff, the Writing for Clarity program has been used by community corrections professionals from Maine to Guam, and hundreds of copies of the desk guide are in use across the country. TOPICS INCLUDE: comma errors, greengrocers' apostrophes, drug capitalization, antecedents, split infinitives, "legalese," active vs. passive voice, and much, much more. Clear, concise, and grammatically correct writing is one of the community correction professional's most important tools, and writing for Clarity is specifically designed for our profession.

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For all Probation, Parole, Pretrial Services, and Community Supervision Professionals

Improve the quality of your reports and correspondence at your own desk, at your own pace!